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Why We Love Agent Provocateur So Much

December 1, 2015
Agent Provocateur 2015

Whether you are new to lingerie or are a full-blown addict, chances are you’ve heard of Agent Provocateur.

I can still remember my first experience with AP. As a fresh-out-of college New Yorker, my first job was in the trendy SoHo neighborhood, home to some of the world’s top luxury brands. I used to walk by the AP store on Mercer Street everyday, and when I finally went in thinking I’d get something to spice up a holiday, quickly realized the prices were a bit out of my range.

Since then, I’ve come to know the pieces as wearable works of art, truly worth the cost when splurging is an option. Think of it this way, a piece of lingerie is going to get a lot less wear and tear than a pair of shoes, and will likely last you the rest of your life.

Agent Provocateur AW15

Agent Provocateur AW15

That’s what makes AP so appealing: not only are the items crafted in the highest quality, the styles are also classic enough to wear for years to come.

For me, it was the vintage seductiveness of the AP items in the window that caused me to stop (again and again). No, I’m probably not going to wear a garter belt under my work clothes, but I will surely wear one if I want to feel like a cabaret star for a night with someone special.

The other thing about classic designs and cuts typical to AP are that there are flattering options to make any body style feel sexy and special. Long before they were objects of style, corsets actually served a (painful) purpose, and sometimes I love to pull in my waistline just to feel like a pinup star.

Agent Provocateur AW15

Agent Provocateur AW15

Lest we forget, in any retail market savvy marketing influences consumers, and AP has certainly grown in popularity thanks to hugely successful marketing campaigns over the years. While Victoria’s Secret and mass-market lingerie brands have sought to entice customers with busty celebrities and supermodels, AP’s efforts have always shown the company’s artistic heritage: AP’s founder is the son of legends Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, so it is no wonder that the company been able to maintain the perfect intersection of high and low-brow in their marketing efforts. From political statements to cheeky ad placements, AP appeals to lingerie enthusiasts who appreciate refined style, but don’t mind getting a little saucy.

Of course, now thanks to collaboration with Penelope Cruz over the last couple of years, those with tight budgets can still enjoy AP styles with L’Agent by AP, a far more affordable line that is available at major retailers around the world.

What have your experiences been like with Agent Provocateur? Let us know in the comments below!

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