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The Last Minute Run Around | Wedding Night Lingerie

December 22, 2015

Every bride has her perfect dress in mind, but with all of the other minute details that go into planning a wedding, sometimes wedding night lingerie gets forgotten.

I got to experience this last year, when my friend called me in New York from her wedding venue in California absolutely freaking out because she forgot to buy lingerie.

Now, I love pretty things and especially love buying them, but lingerie can be incredibly personal, especially when all I can think about is my best friends, well, using it. But of course I agreed, and then started to freak out. Luckily, the whole experience gave me some great insight on what to consider when buying wedding night goodies.



First of all, I had to think about my friend, and what her style is. Knowing that she liked simple styles but interesting cuts (and worked in fashion) helped me focus away from the complicated wedding night ensembles that are available. Instead, I opted for a simple sheer white chemise to give her something special, and focused on white bra and panty sets to spice up the look.

Of course, that was the hard part!

I know what I like in a bra, and luckily we are around the same size, so I tried on about 10 different options in a range of styles, including a few I wasn’t sure about. Of course, once I put them on, the ones I was least sure about ended up looking gorgeous, and it was easy to know which was the right one for my friend.



All in all, I learned that visiting a store for wedding lingerie is totally necessary. You need to try a bunch of things on to know what you will be both comfortable and beautiful in, and in my case, the store staff meant the difference between spending the day freaking out and quickly taking care of my problem. Most importantly, try and find something that can be worn again, especially since you may be splurging for the special occasion. For my friend, she can wear any of the three pieces that went into her ensemble at any point, under clothes or on their own.

And in case you were wondering, she loved my choices.

Wedding night lingerie should be special, and it is a great way to cap off your most memorable night. Find what makes you feel your best, and don’t be afraid to skip the trendy options for something more personally intimate. 

Have you ever found yourself in a pickle with a last minute wedding lingerie run around?

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