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The Timeless Appeal of the Vintage Robe

December 8, 2015
Dusty Pink Ostrich Robe by  Catherine D'Lish

Lingerie isn’t just garter belts and lacy panties meant for special occasions. The beauty and delicacy of the silk robe has had women feeling luxurious around the house for years now.

In fact, dressing gowns used to be the informal alternative for those who preferred to skip the restrictions of modern fashion, starting in the 18th century. Both men and women of a certain leisure class would opt for dressing gowns to lounge around the house in and for casual social situations; silk and velvet examples are often seen in portraits of the time.

As time went on, dressing gowns became more about alternatives for women to handle their daily housework in, and these days, if you showed up to a bar with some friends wearing a robe, people might ask questions.

But, the appeal of the dressing gown or robe as a comfortable alternative to day-to-day clothes still stands, and there are a number of companies that remain committed to providing luxurious options for people of all budgets.

Most modern lingerie brands offer at least one robe option, and tons of retailers offer classic-inspired styles.

Fleur du Mal’s Lace Kimono

Fleur du Mal’s Lace Kimono

I absolutely covet Fleur du Mal’s Lace Kimono, both for use when getting ready to head out and as a sexy piece that can spice things up when I get home. The thigh-length cut isn’t ideal during the winter months, but that scalloped edge makes it totally worth pumping the heat for.

La Perla also has a divine selection of longer robes that channel the height of vintage glamour. The Tribal Dream robe literally could be worn out to a high-fashion event, making the price a bit less intimidating.

La Perla Tribal Robe

La Perla Tribal Robe

For those seeking a true vintage alternative, there is quite a range in affordability and resources to acquire one. Etsy’s marketplace has sellers offering 1970s caftans to 1940s era chiffon gowns, all from $15 to $200. As well as many private sellers such as the world renowned Catherine D’Lish and her incredible vintage boudoir recreations (as pictured at the beginning of the article), adorned with the most amazing flounces, ostrich feathers and ruffles. 

1930s Vintage Periwinkle Baby Blue Lace Robe With Taffeta Sash

1930s Vintage Periwinkle Baby Blue Lace Robe With Taffeta Sash

There are some styles that make sense for day to day, like a classic silk or lace robe, but a flouncy hemline can add a bit of glamour when you’re getting ready, and can help you feel sexy when taking care of things around the house. 

Do you have a favorite you like to flounce around the house in?

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