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Where To Get Your Hands on Japanese Lingerie

August 22, 2014
Japanese Lingerie Aimerfeel

How to get your hands on Japanese lingerie if you’re not from Japan! 

The brands which I talked about in the previous post, are a little harder to come by. Harder to come by, but definitely not impossible. As always there are backstreets and dark corners of the internet where you can find all your hearts desires! Here’s a little of where you can find what.


Aimer feel 

Aimer feel are my new favourite lingerie brand. I love this brand to death. The pieces are adorable (super kawaii!) and surprisingly high quality. I literally walked into the store and bought one of everything in my size…It’s safe to say I’ve fallen in love with this brand.

Unfortunately, unless you live in Japan, you’re not going to be able to stroll on in to a store anytime soon, nor are you going to be able to purchase it from their online store. HOWEVER, you will be able buy Aimerfeel here:

1. The Aimer feel Uk Ebay Store

There is a seller who operates on . Many of the sets sold here are a little older, however they are a heck of a lot cheaper than other options.

2. Aimer feel UK online store

The UK store is a little more pricy, of course when I say ‘more pricy’ you can still expect to pay under $50 for a set. The pro of this store is that there are many more styles and sizes to play with.


As one of Japans most popular lingerie brands, you’ll find Aimer feel listings on Ebay almost always! Sometimes overpriced, sometimes $12 for a set! It’s always worth a search.

Aimerfeel Lingerie


Peach John

Peach John another major lingerie brand of Japan. I guess it’s the equivilant of VS in Japan with an Agent Provocateur twist. (Seriously, their packaging is a hybrid of the two, black and white striped with the black side ribbon boxes) The prices are higher than Aimer feel but the styles are still adorable. Think more satin and bows as well as more simplistic styles. Similar to Aimer feel, Peach John do not ship overseas but there are alternatives.

1. Aliexpress

You have to love aliexpress. A little bit like ebay but more of a connector between asian manufactured brands and the western world. There is usually Peach John here so it’s worth a look.

2. Ebay

Although being extremely popular in Japan, Peach John can be a little harder to come by on Ebay, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not out there.

Peach John Lingerie


If you’re lucky enough to actually be in Japan…

Tutu Anna: are an awesome brand who specialize in hosiery but also have an amazing lingerie section too. They are in a similar price range as Aimer feel and have literally the cutest socks ever as well as stockings with adorable cats as you would expect.

Body Focus: aren’t my favourite as far as lingerie in Japan goes, however they are very cheap (I’m talking $10 a set for some things!) and you can occasionally find some really cute pieces. I found an adorable chiffon and lace peach maid chemise for $20!

Unfortunately, these brands are harder to find on the web and they don’t offer postage via their sites. However if you do get the opportunity, they’re worth a visit.


Other Japanese Styles

Other brands which were featured in my previous post about Japanese Lingerie unfortunately do not ship overseas and are a rarity on ebay and other sites. However the same Japanese style can be found on a whole bunch of sites. Here’s where you can find even more Japanese style lingerie online.


Worldwide:  {look for bra and panty set}

(Can be pricy for Australian shipping, however buy in bulk over $99 and it’s free!


Australia Only:


Canada Only


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