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MiaBelle Suicide on What it’s Like to Be a SuicideGirl

September 26, 2014

After finding out about this lovely lass through some friends at The Casting Call I soon found myself stumbling across a whole new community of strong seductive women who had a message to spread. We don’t care about your beauty standards… To find out more about the SuicideGirls and what exactly it means to be one we spoke to the wonderful MiaBelle Suicide.


1. For those who aren’t aware, what is the SuicideGirls?

SuicideGirls  is essentially an alternative pin-up girl website. There are models on the site from all over the world who feel they don’t quite fit the mainstream model mould, they are all kinds of women from so many varied backgrounds, all different shapes and sizes! SuicideGirls aims to redefine beauty, our uniqueness, our “weirdness” is what makes us beautiful!

2. What do you think makes a SuicideGirl and what do you think it means to be one?

I think being a SuicideGirl is about celebrating our differences, being true to our own individual styles and being proud of the fact that we are different to mainstream models. Not that mainstream models are at all bad, just that not everyone does fit that very specific look. SuicideGirls don’t have to! We can be covered in tattoos and piercings or have none at all, can be tall or short, curvy or slender, whatever the fuck hair we want! I love that! All modelling agencies have some kind of restrictions on how you can look. They want models of a specific height and size. SuicideGirls like to celebrate all the variations of women. And I feel proud to be a part of that!
Plus, no modelling agency would have me in Australia, I am too short!


Miabelle Suicide


3. I love that it breaks the mould of the expectation of beauty and I’ve heard that there is a huge gianormous community behind SuicideGirls. What’s it like being in this community? Do you know many other SuicideGirls?

Being a part of the community of women across the globe is my favourite thing about being a SuicideGirl. I have met and become friends with some incredible people. I am constantly inspired by these amazing women, they all have their own individual stories and lives and are all so kind and supportive.

4. What are your fans like? Do you get a lot of feedback from them?

Fans are odd things! I am not used to that part of it yet. I had some fans in my burlesque days but mostly they were just people who would come to shows. This is more like, having people send you messages and comments every day! It is so strange for me as I am not used to people constantly contacting me. It can be overwhelming, but mostly it’s just enormously flattering. I can’t understand why anyone would message me, or say such nice things, but I am often rather speechless and so touched.

Miabelle Suicide

5. Do you have a lot of creepy fans? Any hilarious incidents?

Yes! Yes there are. Haha. I have had some people who needed blocking, and some people who kept telling me they were trying to come and find me in person, which was so frightening. But mostly people are just very kind, far too kind. But yes, some very odd fans occasionally pop up. One of them sent me a very odd and long poem once. One of them kept messaging me about dreams he had had, not of me, just weird dreams he had! I don’t know. But it was entertaining at least.

6. Whilst doing a little research, I’ve read on forums that there was this expectation that many of the girls are bi or lesbians? Is this true or a misconception?

I would say the mix would be the same as any group of women! Because it is an alternative community and very accepting of the LGBT community, people may feel more safe and open about their sexuality on there I guess.

7. For all those out there on their edge of their seating wanting to get on board, how can you become a suicidegirl?

They should check out this:
all the information you need is on there!
If you need any more help you can contact me at [email protected] or through the site messaging, I am still relatively new on there but I’m happy to help if I can!

8. And of course, lastly where can we find you!? is my page! Please go and check out my photosets and leave me some nice comments, I write heaps of blogs too! I read everything anyone sends me xxx

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