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Lingerie trends: Jewellery

February 18, 2016

2016 is here, and with it comes new trends in lingerie. We have our eye on a few lines using jewellery to embellish their pieces, and some others that are using jewellery to create their pieces, but we can’t help but wonder if this is a passing fad or a trend with some staying power.

The most common style we’ve noticed recently is the draping of gold and metallic chains. These added elements channel the vintage glamour of Victorian jewelry and 1920s headwear. They often play off of the material of the pieces they decorate or are worn alone to make a dramatic statement.

The ultimate in luxury

The bejeweled trend has infiltrated some of the top lingerie brands’ recent collections. London-based eLai has incorporated metallic bling into some of their current bodysuit designs; the Desert Gold White Harness has draped gold and silver chains that are easily detached, as does the Spankie White Playsuit. In both cases, the draped chains are a perfect juxtaposition against the strappy white pieces, giving wearers just the right balance of play and edge.

Akiko Playsuit Silver/Gold | $3,190

Akiko Playsuit Silver/Gold | $3,190

Agent Provocateur has added jewelry-inspired enhancements to their Soiree line, which is based around the concept of glamorous seduction. AP’s line also utilizes draped gold chains, and again, these are used to play off of the styles and materials of the pieces. In the Zindie Thong, looped chains make known the existence of a zipper (it’s functional!) and work well in contrast to the delicate lace pattern. As to be expected, AP also uses draped gold in more daring pieces, such as the Varvarra Tabbard. If you want to feel like a queen, the draped chains are complemented by the engraved gold disks that cover the front and rear of the piece.

Of course, AP’s Soiree line incorporates plenty of other shining surprises. The Azaleah Playsuit is adorned with Swarovski crystals, which hang in tantalizing tassels and embellish the barely-there straps. For the ultimate in draped crystal luxury, the Yarolika Playsuit is comprised entirely of beaded strands that can be arranged in a number of seductive ways.

Sparkling separates

Luxury brand Edge o’ Beyond has taken a unique twist on using jewelry in lingerie by selling “separates” of draping gold chains that can be mixed and matched with pieces from their line. The Adam is a gorgeous piece made of gold chains that loops around the neck, drapes down the chest, and has dramatic hanging chains around the hips that connect to the middle of the back. The piece can be worn on its own for a striking statement, but it can also be layered over a number of different items and articles of clothing to add a hint of glamour.

Edge o' Beyond's ADAM |£130.00

Edge o’ Beyond’s ADAM |£130.00

Perhaps the most ingenious designs from Edge o’ Beyond are the gold chain pieces that attach directly to bras and panties, giving wearers the option of bling but also making it easy to wear favorite undergarments more regularly. I definitely wouldn’t wear draped gold chain panties under jeans, but I would consider carrying my edge o’ beyond jewelry with me – like the Joshua, which clips on to briefs of various styles.

Final thoughts

Lingerie brands have always found ways to spice up traditional styles, and the jewelry trend is certainly one to watch. That being said, to us, it seems that the most successful use of this trend may be in the more daring pieces – such as bodysuits – that incorporate jeweled embellishments into the structural design of pieces, rather than adding them on as additional design elements.

Overall, these recent pieces are an excellent way to combine the elegance of delicate lingerie with the hard-edged glamour of the modern woman.

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