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How The High-Cut Stole Our Hearts

December 15, 2015
D'Mondaine High Waisted Knickers

There was a forgettable period of recent style that dropped waistlines to perilously low depths. Thongs and teeny strips of fabric were developed to make sure that while a butt crack may show, panty lines stayed hidden.

If you were anything like me, even the vintage appeal of a high-waist was lost on those of a certain age, and any underwear that crept over the hips was deemed a “granny panty.” For whatever reason, the muffin top effect that these low briefs contributed to was more appealing than a higher cut.

Thank god we all came to our senses.

Now, I’m not saying that skimpy underthings certainly don’t have their place, but a high-cut bottom can be the most comfortable option for all different body types. I find that in a tighter dress that I don’t want to wear a slimming garment under, a higher cut brief tends to hold in those love handles a bit more, kind of creating a reverse muffin top effect. There is basically no body type that won’t be enhanced by a waist-defining and hip-minimizing cut.

Going even further, some lines of slimming garments like Spanx and D’Mondaine have created their own high-waist panties, which is a great way to streamline curves under a pair of pants or in a tight garment.

Not to mention, these days vintage styles are all the rage, and there is nothing that better suits a high-waist pant then a high-cut brief. Many brands established and new are coming up with creative ways to raise underwear waistlines, making sure there is a piece available within everyone’s budget and style. While typical granny panties were boring giant pieces of cloth, the modern high-cut brief comes in a range of styles that are perfect for any situation.

Huit the Arpege UV High Waisted Knickers

Huit the Arpege UV High Waisted Knickers

My current favorite pair of high-cut briefs is made by Parisian brand Huit. Rising to just under the belly button, the Arpege UV combines intricate lace and delicate tulle into a panty that I love wearing under high waist jeans, but that I also love to wear when feeling sexy at home. I currently own one in white, but covet the gorgeous purple color featured on their website.

Topshop High Waisted Underwear

Topshop Rose Stitch Balconette Bra and High-Waisted Knickers – £32.00

For those looking for style on a budget, Topshop actually has a cute selection of basic styles in velvet, mesh, and satin, allowing you to create a fully vintage look at a completely reasonable price. Retailers like American Apparel have long offered higher cuts in simple styles, which can be a great basic option for those looking to try out a new look.


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