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Giving Tacky the Flick: Why You Should Never Buy A Cheap Corset

March 4, 2014

Lingerie lovers out there, I’m sure we’ve been around the block and back with corsets. We’ve all experienced tacky at some stage. Whether it was your first corset, from a costume hire shop or you were shakin your thang on stage. It’s just like anything, you have to start from somewhere. HOWEVER, this should be a one time only thing! When somethings jabbing into you and you look like a deformed playboy bunny, you don’t go back for round two!!! The $15 corset will not do wonders for anyone. Here’s why next time your on ebay browsing for THAT corset, you probably should reconsider. A good corset can mean the difference between looking like Mis Bunny de Beauville (Aint she just divine! Below, in her ‘What Katie Did corset’) or looking like you’ve wrapped a cardboard box around yourself and stuck a ribbon at the top. Before you ask, everything in this picture is real (including her tah tahs!). THAT is what a good corset can do. But before we start on the good, let’s start on the bad. (Ooooooohh)

not a cheap corset

Things bad corsets will have:

    • plastic boning
    • ribbon as lacing. (REAL CORSETS DO NOT HAVE THIS!!! EVER!)
    • light weighted with cheap material
    • a horrible piece of ribbon acting as a waistband
    • no modesty panel (a strip of fabric at the back which covers any gap between the two rows of lacing)
    • a horrible tacky look about them
    • models with giant fake tah-tahs
    • ZIPS!
    • No support for your tah-tahs


All of these things add up to tacky and just bad. They don’t do anything for your shape either. And are useless for tightlacing. From my experience with these (yes, sadly I used to be a victim to the tacky corset) the boning will lose shape very quickly and you will end up with painful bent pieces of boning jabbing into your ribs. OUCH! This type of corset is also a onesize fits all kind of deal, which doesn’t work when a corsets main function is to pull in the waist and to do that it has to fit the body as closely as possible. One size fits all types of bodies?? Nah uh, I don’t think so. You’ll notice a majority of the time the corset seems to look amazing on the model. It gives her a really curvy shape and looks as if the corset is giving her full support. However, beware, a model with (often) fake breasts is going to look amazing in a corset as her breasts stay up naturally; and because they are the shape they are, the corset isn’t doing it’s job, it’s just the models figure. For example:

Cheap corset

[You could look like you’ve wrapped a piece of cardboard around yourself or….]

I’m not saying everyone should buy a tailor made corset, they can get quite pricy. However, there are certain things you can look out for when trying to find one that won’t be painful to wear or look like you’ve been dipped a box of ribbons and covered in sprinkles.


Things acceptable corsets will have:

  • steel boning
  • a heavy fabric (like a canvas)
  • a waistband
  • the title ‘waist training’
  • a modesty panel

The advantages of having a corset tailor made I will go on about later. For now, even if it’s not for waist training and just for a bit of fun, if you look for the above, you’ll end up a whole lot more comfortable and better looking in your corset. It’s worth it for the extra pennies.

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