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Bijoux Indiscrets Review

February 5, 2016

Recently I was sent some ridiculously lovely goodies from the ladies over at Bijoux Indiscrets to check out some of their newest and finest and kick off the Valentine’s celebrations. If you’ve never heard of them before, today’s your lucky day! Handmade in Barcelona, Bijoux Indiscrets create tantalizing sensuous and erotic products. Think everything you’d put in the boudoir of your dreams.

You can check out my thoughts on some of their best sellers below and if you like what you see, you can also enter to win a Bijoux Indiscrets Gift Pack! (Enter to win here)


L’essence du boudoir: Bed and Lingerie Perfume

First off, why not start with the favorite?! Before discovering Bijoux Indiscrets I had honestly never heard of bed and lingerie perfume, but my gosh, whoever invented it is an absolute genius!

Designed especially for fine and delicate fabrics L’essence du boudoir is a little bottle of heaven. Unlike regular perfume, L’essence du boudoir doesn’t overpower the room and make you (and your partner) feel like you’ve just walked into the perfume section at a department store. It simply adds a subtle floral freshness to the air and your lingerie – to keep things smelling fabulous even if things start to get a little hot and heavy 😉  I found a spritz or two to your lingerie drawers did wonders and left everything smelling deliciously fresh every time I went to pick something out. No more smelling like your washing machine!

To give you an idea of the scent, this one is created with hints of rose, Jasmine, wood and spice, as well as a touch of Ylang Ylang.

Along with all of the above, I absolutely adore the bottle itself. Reminiscent of vintage perfume bottles, the elegant sophistication of the bottle means the perfume is also an ideal ornament for your dressing table. There’s something very Dita about it.



The Magnifique Collection

Keeping up with the strong trend of jewellery which popped it’s head up mid last year with designers such as Edge O’Beyond, I was over the moon to review the Magnifique Collection.

A little bit of a struggle to get into at first, (but no tangles or snags so we were all good) the Magnifique Collection is totally gorgeous. The low-key, luxe designs innovate classic femininity, adding a modern twist of detail and an element of romance to each piece.

Everything hooks together with an easy clasp and it’s fairly straight forward how to put everything on. Each piece was adjustable as well, with a fair amount of give each way.

As you guys already know, due to work situations, I don’t generally post lingerie picks – the corporate world is not a fan unfortunately …yet! But I did end up actually wearing a number of the pieces as accessories over a number of dresses I owned.

My favorite pieces in the collection would have to be the handcuffs as well as the shoulder and back set (you can check out both below). The back set I ended up wearing loads. Mostly over dresses but a few times without and the handcuffs are actually detachable and can be quickly turned into a set of gold bracelets by quickly removing the middle chain. Such and awesome feature!

The other piece I really did love to bits was the waist chain. I loved the Art Deco feel of the piece, however aside from wearing it a few times over some AP around the house, I couldn’t really find an outfit that I could take it out with. Suggestions are totally welcome btw, because I would love to make this happen 😛



Shhh Blindfold

An area I had totally been lacking in for ages and meaning to pick something up have been blindfolds. I’ve been in and out of relationships like it’s nobodies business over the past year so it’s always been in the back of my mind on the wishlist. The Shhh blindfold was kind of everything I was hoping for. :)

Fusing naughty and nice, the blindfold is inter-changable between “Shhh” printed on one side and “Ohhhh” printed on the other. It’s a nice little touch that I really enjoyed.

The only thing I would say, is that when it arrives, you will need to give it a press just to iron out an crinkles from the post. It takes literally two second to do and is a really gorgeous piece afterwards. I would highly recommend using the lowest setting on your iron as well as a thin piece of fabric just to make sure you don’t burn it or damage any of the print.

Final Thoughts

Having only come across Bijoux Indiscrets a handful of times across social media and a few mentions from those in the lingerie community, I would totally recommend checking out their collections. This was only a handful of their amazing range of boudoir goodies – so you’re bound to find something. You can check them out over at: 

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