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AliExpress Review: Is AliExpress a Scam?

December 2, 2014
Le Palais Vintage elegant and sexy all-match transparent black waisted fluffy dress set Back to product details

I discovered AliExpress early last year, and since sometimes it is hard to find say a gorgeous vintage reproduction dress or cute lingerie in say Guatemala, it has been my go to since I began travelling. They’re cheap, easy to use and ship world-wide often for free. I’d previously read a few reviews about it being a scam site and that they don’t deliver, but this is simply not true. I’ve bought from there many times and Aliexpress is about as scammy as Ebay.

The fashion sold through AliExpress is incredible and I’ve often found that pieces from ASOS and Topshop are sold through there (which gives you an idea of the quality of some of these pieces). This is where you’ll find all your knockoffs of D&G and other high end designers and thousands upon thousands of dresses and fashion for ridiculously cheap. The lingerie on Aliexpress has only recently begun to catch up to fashion, with nicer less ‘pornstar’ looking pieces coming out by the month. They’re also starting to make knock offs to VS if you’re into it.

Aliexpress is huge, and whilst I would love to share with you every piece of lingerie and lingerie seller I’m in love with in this Aliexpress review, there are simply too many. However for the time being I can give you these sellers to start out with.

Aliexpress Stores with Cheap Lingerie I Like:

Kate De’s Store 

100% Lucky

Gumprun fashion mall

Underwear Resale

Vintage Palace – THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!!! This store is incredible if you’re a pin up fanatic! It has the most adorable stuff!! I cannot recommend this store more. They create gorgeous reproductions of vintage dresses, many of which you may have seen Dita herself wearing. Worth a check out!


You can also find THIS set which has become super super popular for $6 here 

Aliexpress lingerie review



Tips to finding the lingerie you want on Aliexpress


To filter out all the unwanted use the sidebar filters to be more specific and if you’re coming up dry, try another search word. I know that ‘pin up’ often works better than retro or vintage in searches or example.


This is a big one! The sizes are often small so make sure you check the sizing ALWAYS!!! I cannot stress this enough. These are asian sizings here people. Another thing I found, as a medium heigh girl, the lengths are quite short. So I would always suggest to check the length against yourself. A good rule of thumb if you’re medium height stay away from anything that says ‘mini’ and opt for knee length. Chances are their ‘knee length’ will be your mid thigh length. There is bigger sizing available as well, you just need to look for it.


If you’ve found a seller you love and are planning to order a large amount from him it’s worth checking reviews. Aliexpress doesn’t run like other sites and some sellers you may find have horrible customer service and others are incredible with direct response. To avoid the run ins with the horrible check the reviews. More often than not the sellers are fine and will deliver perfectly, but if you’re seeing that a seller has many complaints, it might not be worth the purchase.

Things to avoid

Tight fitting chiffon. This is a recipe for disaster. If you’re buying anything that’s tight fitting, chiffon and $7, it’s not going to last. I also avoid organza as it’s usually quite cheap, doesn’t feel very nice on the skin and has the tendency to fray really easily.

Pro buying tip to save more!

Shipping can take a little bit of time to get to where you are so it is worth buying it then and there to get your goodies shipped and one step closer to your door. However, often sellers offer a further reduction on a product if it’s been sitting in your wishlist for around 4 to 5 days. So if you’re willing to wait that little bit longer, a wish list is not only a great way to track all of the items you’ve been crushing on, but also a great way to get reductions as well.


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