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22 Beautiful Bodies under $150 for Loungin’ Around This Holiday Season

November 26, 2015

It’s holiday seasons! Get ready for mass amounts of food, bloody terrible dad jokes from uncle Rick and lounging around all day waiting for the next meal. Take it or leave it, the holidays are coming but things aren’t all potato salad and egg nog – the holidays are also a great excuse to get your lingerie game on! And the perfect item for full bellies and splaying about reading? Bodysuits!

Here’s a list of 22 stunning pieces you can snap up for under $150 – everything from ASOS to Etsy. Want more? For a complete list with many more labels, you can check out sites like Lyst who make it super easy to find different styles and brands without having to go to each site separately. Seriously, if you’re frequently switching between 4,000 tabs with ASOS, Topshop, Missguided, Nordstrom  etc. and your computer is on the verge of having a seizure, pro tip, go to the lingerie section of Lyst. Your computer will thank me later :)


With a rocky start a few years back, ASOS has really upped their in house lingerie game over the past year or so. This scalloped sheer body to kick this wish list off, being a clear example.


A piece which personally I’ve been searching all over for for at least 6 months now (you would be surprised how hard it was a few months back to find high neck bodies!) ASOS collection’s High Neck Body hits the spot. With added plunge, this is one for a pencil or a mini swing.



Let’s just face the facts, we’re never going to get over Dottie’s Delight’s collab. with Mosh. It’s just not going to happen. Hands down my number favourite collection of last year and fingers crossed one which will be staying around for a long long time to come, a piece from Sheer Show is a must have!


Not usually being a huge fan of Missguided’s collections, I must digress and admit that they’ve done this plunge teddy very well.


Coming from quite possibly one of the fastest growing independant designers we’ve seen all year, Sugar Lace Lingerie is kicking it out of the park! If you like sweet, sugary pastel hues crossed with lolita, babydoll cuts and laces – this is your one stop shop.



Although not pictured above Lalilouche have a new collection – and it’s flipping incredible! If the above body doesn’t sway you enough, head over to their Etsy Store, check out the new collection and then get back to me!


A little disappointed (once again) at the serious lack of lacy gorgeous bodies available above a size 14 – however one does deserve an honorable mention. Why hello Missguided! While I really wish the whole thing was just the sheer lace – it is still a beautiful design.



After missing out on a chance to snap up Agent Provocateur’s Marylou – the famous kimono body (you know the one) I fell deeply for this Nasty Gal take on the piece. This is a great piece as both an undergarment and an outerwear piece.


Another designer we checked in with a few years back, Tilly from Nearer the Moon is still at is creating the most amazing pieces. Eyelash lace, beautiful bows and sheers – check out her work.

Topshop over the past year have really upped their bodysuit game with last season and this season selling out like hotcakes. If you’re looking for something to start your collection with or just an affordable pick me up, Topshop are a great place to start. They should have a new set of bodies coming out in the next few months – so keep your eyes peeled.


Haven’t jumped on the Etsy Lingerie band wagon yet? Get on it asap! Catherine from Ohhh Lulu is a wonderful Canadian designer dabbling in gorgeous florals and powdery tones. The lingerie community has been weak at the knees for her creations for a long time.

Just released a few months back, lingerie boutique Journelle let loose their own slamming signature collection. Pieces range from $30 to $250 and the laces in this seasons collection are on point! Currently on sale as apart of their More is More Holiday Sale, their bodies are to die for. Heads up, they usually have a massive sale for the Holidays.



Another kickass Etsy Seller we caught up with last year, Kayleigh Peddie has simply been soaring since. Her Frances body has been on the “I kind of need you in my life” list for a little while now. I’m really starting to dig the front lacing type trend coming through.






Last but certainly not least – and a little out of budget, but let’s face it, it needed to be mentioned – introducing Agent Provocateur’s Karlotta Body


This one’s going to stay on the wish list…well for a very long time, but there’s no harm in looking right?

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